Best Young Dunkers in 2018

Let’s take a look at 10 of the NBA’s most exciting young dunkers.


Andrew Wiggins, 22

Wiggins dunk.jpg

Pogo-stick-king Andrew Wiggins needs to enter the 2018 NBA Dunk Contest.

With the ink on his 5 year $150 million extension still drying, Wiggins is back to his usual habits: getting buckets and making posters.


Larry Nance Jr, 24

nance jr..jpg

Nance Jr. hasn’t missed a step since coming back from hand surgery.  And last week he let Kevin Durant know the price of being a good shot-blocker.

Nance has developed into a solid two-way player for the Lakers.  With a pass-first point guard like Lonzo running the show, he should have even more lob and interior scoring opportunities in the years to come.


Victor Oladipo, 25


After shedding weight and moving to Indiana Oladipo looks like a new man.  Gone are the statements about his bad contract.

Oladipo looks leaner, faster, stronger, and he’s finishing at the rim at will.  Vic is starting the look like the number two pick, and I think he’d be a fantastic watch in the 2018 Dunk Contest (redemption from his mediocre showing in 2015).


John Collins, 20


Rookie John Collins is already an exceptional rebounder for his size.  He has an extremely quick second-jump which allows him to compete for balls other players can’t.

Also if you didn’t know, he’s still a wanted man in New Orleans for ending their summer league early…


Jordan Bell, 22


Chicago sold the draft rights to Jordan Bell for 3.5 million dollars.  Even Zach Lowe is praying the basketball Gods punish the struggling Bulls for selling valuable picks.

Bell is averaging an insane 3.1 blocks per 36 which would lead the entire association.  He is so freakishly athletic it seems like he’s playing on a nerf hoop.

Hell, maybe he is.


Donovan Mitchell, 21


Mitchell has been an absolute dog for the Jazz.  He’s needed to carry the load on offense which has led to outbursts of 41, 32, and 31.  Donovan ‘Young King’ Mitchell is also getting 1.5 steals per game showing off his two-way abilities.

Mitchell is an extremely exciting player to watch in large part because of his tantalizing dunk package.  He’s only listed at 6′ 3″ which makes his high-flying acrobatics all the more impressive.


Jaylen Brown, 21

jaylen brown.jpg

Brown is playing exceptional basketball for the C’s this year.  He’s putting up career-bests across the board including an extremely efficient 47% from the floor and 40% from three.

The Young Celtic Skywalker is my favorite dunker on this list.  He marries a perfect balance between grace and strength that is almost Jordanesque.  If Brown joins the 2018 Dunk Contest he would automatically be my pick to win it all.


Jerami Grant, 23

jerami grant.jpg

Grant is a physical freak.  His size, power, and leaping ability are almost unheard of in the current NBA landscape.

In 2017/18 Grant is scoring 8 points per game on a career-best 51% from the floor showing he’s more than just a dunker for the Thunder.

Still, he’s good for one of these every couple of games, making him one of the most exciting in-game slamers around.


Dennis Smith, 20

dennis smith.jpg

DSJ is not human.  At least that’s what this compilation of dunks told me…

Smith leads an extremely impressive class of rookie dunkers.  I think I’ve fallen in love with his tomahawk slam, but then again who wouldn’t?

Smith has a rare mix a speed and leaping ability putting him in a breed with the Westbrooks and Walls of the world.  Smith is the future in Dallas, and his playmaking, shooting, and dunking should put Mavericks fans at ease.


Ben Simmons, 21

ben simmons.jpg

Simmons is a truly special talent.  He reminds analysts of Lebron the way he can read passing lanes and score in transition at will.  On top of that, he’s already one of the league’s best passers.

Simmons is a problem in the open court, and his ability to dunk with either hand puts him on the top of this list.


Aaron Gordon, 22

air gordon

Gordon said he wouldn’t participate in the 2018 Dunk Contest, but I sure hope he changes his mind.

Air Gordon is back to his usual antics of dunking on everybody.  Developing his jumpshot (shooting a career-best 40% from deep) in the offseason hasn’t seemed to take away from his play above the rim.

With his foot issues of yesteryear behind him, the 2018 dunk crown is his to lose.


Giannis Antetokounmpo, 23


I won’t bore you with words, here are five reasons why you should know how to pronounce his name.






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