#2 Rising Stars Redraft

  1. Joel Embiid: (1:05) “Defensive Player of the Year candidate”
  2. Ben Simmons: (1:29) “he’s been able to do stuff on the floor we haven’t seen” ROTY
  3. Jamal Murray: (2:19) 2017 Rising Stars MVP “he’s still only 20 years old, younger than rookies this year”
  4. Donovan Mitchell: (3:10) “ROTY candidate, does it all for Utah on offense”
  5. Brandon Ingram: (5:24) “almost doubled points from last year, “almost 4 assists a game-20 year-old sophomore with a lot of upside”
  6. Jayson Tatum: (6:48) “43% from deep, exceeded expectations”
  7. Lauri Markkanen: (8:20) “he’s mobile and can finish above the rim”
  8. Kyle Kuzma: (10:41) “shooting better from 3 in the nba than he did in college”
  9. Dennis Smith: (11:48) “virtually unguardable 1-on1” “My pick for the dunk contest”
  10. Domantas Sabonis: (13:39) “his rebound rate is one of the best in the league”
  11. Dario Saric: (18:09) “underrated young asset, 39% up from 31% from 3”
  12. Jaylen Brown: (19:35) “corner the market on the Jay-Team..boy if he turns into Jimmy Butler”
  13. De’Aaron Fox: (21:52) “he’s a super-competitor”
  14. John Collins: (22:53)  “leads all rookies in PER, playing well in limited minutes”
  15. Bogdan Bogdanovic: (24:22) “crafty European player, underrated passer”
  16. Taurean Prince: (25:40) “he’s got 3-and-D upside, he’s got some dog in him”
  17. Kris Dunn: (26:32) “nose for the ball on defense”
  18. Frank Ntilikina: (27:41) “the man I wish played more” tools to be an elite-level starting point guard”
  19. Buddy Hield: (29:47) “he’s a marksmen, and he’s found a home in Sacramento”
  20. Dillon Brooks: (30:35) “he’s been a solid player, impressive to see a second-round pick in the Rising Stars challenge”

Team Wentworth or Team Lovett?! 

#1: NBA’s Most Underrated



Khris Middleton (00:49) , Robert Covington (6:47), Steven Adams (11:18), Klay Thompson (15:45), Julius Randle (21:21)


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