5 Best NBA In-bounds Plays 2018-19

At the All Star break, the top 5 teams in points scored after a baseline out of bounds situation are:

  1. Charlotte Hornets : 172 points
  2. Brooklyn Nets: 164 points
  3. Minnesota Timberwolves : 148 points
  4. Milwaukee Bucks: 146 points
  5. Denver Nuggets: 135 points

Here is a go to set from each of these teams.

1. Charlotte Hornets

Coach: James Borrego

The Hornets run this action to get Kemba Walker coming off a flare screen with the help defenders on the other side. With the corner empty and a live dribble the All Star is as good as it gets, contributing nearly 25 points per game and three makes behind the arch nightly.  The play begins with a loop cut action, then a hand-off back to the inbounder (usually Batum) who dribbles toward the top of the key where the flare screen occurs.

2. Brooklyn Nets

Coach: Kenny Atkinson

A clever play design gets breakout point guard D’Angelo Russell running through a maze of screens, ultimately receiving a hand-off at the top of the key. This season, Russell has jumped his averages over twenty points a game while dishing out over 6 assists, both career highs for the 22 year old. The double pin down screen action typically gets Russell’s defender trailing him, allowing the former #2 overall draft choice the advantage to score in multiple ways or set up teammates.

3. Minnesota Timberwolves

Interim Coach : Ryan Saunders

Having a 7 footer that can shoot from 3 like Karl Anthony Towns is a huge asset for any basketball team looking to score more on baseline out of bounds scenarios. The Timberwolves run a nice fake double screen action where they force the wing player to curl towards the hoop. This cut forces KAT’s defender to sag off and account for the cutter, opening Towns to pop behind a screen and nail a three. Towns is a bomber from deep, having reached the 100 three pointer mark for the third season in a row at the age of 23.

4. Milwaukee Bucks

Coach: Mike Budenholzer

The Bucks employ this back screen set to isolate their MVP candidate Giannis Antetokounmpo for an inverted pick and roll. A trend that has become more popular around the NBA, the inverted pick and roll occurs when a point guard works as the screener in the play and the “4” or “5” man handles the ball. This play puts the defense in a brutal spot with help defenders occupied by perimeter shooters and the threat of the Greek Freak’s insane driving efficiency- shooting 70.6% on shots around the basket per Synergy Sports.

5. Denver Nuggets

Coach: Michael Malone

The Nuggets use their skilled behemoth Nikola Jokic to work as a boulder before handing the ball back to the inbounder. Young emerging stars Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray have developed a nice chemistry on hand-offs like this and inverted pick and rolls. Jokic is always a threat to hit a cutter (7.7 APG – 5th in NBA), fake the handoff and shoot over the top, or punish his man on the block – a huge contributor to the 2nd in the West Nuggets.


Find counter actions and more clips here:

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