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Following the deal between the Cavaliers and Celtics that involved Isiah Thomas and Kyrie Irving switching teams, the crucial dates to look for on the trade market are *December 15th and February 8th.

*December 15th – Players signed in the previous offseason are eligible to be dealt
February 8th – NBA Trade Deadline (Before All Star Game)

Executives are forced to be forward thinking in all moves that they make, particularly in the trade market. With that in mind, its important to have an understanding of some of the next marquee names who may pop into trade discussions. *

*Carmelo Anthony isn’t included here because his name remains in trade talks, but his unwillingness to waive his no trade clause to a team besides the Rockets has made finding a deal difficult.

Anthony Davis- PF, New Orleans Pelicans

Demarcus Cousins – C, New Orleans Pelicans


Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

For these two Pelicans front court stars, uncertainty is ahead. With Cousins impending free agency, and Davis shortly thereafter, an early stumble may lead to Cousins being dealt before the deadline. Obviously it would take a massive offer to pry Davis from New Orleans, but as his free agency approaches Boston and others have been checking in on Davis.

Lamarcus Aldridge – PF, San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs v Phoenix Suns


Aldridge has made it clear his frustrations with the situation in San Antonio. He was shopped around the draft, but the Spurs couldn’t land a top ten pick that they were looking for. His scoring average has declined in each of the last two seasons, and his market value has subsequently declined. Lamarcus has a player option for the 2018-2019 season which will be a big decision for him if he wants to test the open market. The Spurs are committed to winning with Kawhi Leonard, and they do not want to waste his prime. Aldridge hasn’t had much head to head success against the Warriors, who defeated the Spurs in the conference finals last season. 

Kemba Walker – PG, Charlotte Hornets


SLAM Online

Even though we like the Hornets for a bounceback year next season, Kemba has two years left on his deal and is on one of the most tradeable contracts in the league, making 12 million a year. Walker was stellar in his age 26 season, being named an All Star for the first time. Walker carried the Hornets offense at stages last season, finishing ninth in the NBA in field goal attempts. In the last three seasons, Kemba has dropped close to 5 assists a game and combining that production with a 23 point per game scorer, you have an intriguing player.It will be interesting to watch how the Hornets and Walker approach his free agency, and it may lead to the Hornets going younger around Malik Monk.

CJ McCollum – SG, Portland Trail Blazers



The Blazers have lost in the postseason 4 consecutive years, twice as a 5 seed, once as a 4 seed and then last year as an 8. The Blazers are in a tier below the best in the West, and they may need to make a tough decision about their backcourt. This is not to say that Mccollum isn’t a magnificent offensive player, he balled last year averaging 23 points per game (48/42/91) and leading the NBA in free throw percentage. The concerns for Portland have to be on the defensive end, where Lillard and Mccollum struggle due to size and effort. Dame and Cj both signed max contracts recently, but having a good point guard is more of a necessity in the modern NBA, giving a future core built around Cj’s haul, Dame, and young bigs. It remains to be seen how everything will fit around Jusuf Nurkic, but depending on the Blazers finish next season, a change in mindset may be in the works.

Kevin Love – PF, Cleveland Cavaliers


Kevin Love might look at what remains of the Cavs championship core and be a bit concerned. Kyrie is out. Lebron is rumored to leave. A rebuild doesn’t fit his time frame.

Could Love join Irving in requesting to be dealt? Perhaps that wont be necessary. He has been in trade rumors during his Cleveland tenure. Maybe they don’t see his fit with the new additions.

Without any commitment from Lebron, Love will have a situation worth monitoring for the rest of his Cavs tenure.

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