NBA Best Charge Takers 2018-19

The All Charge team, with the best at each position.

For last years batch: NBA Top Charge Takers 2017-18

PG: Kyle Lowry

Toronto Raptors

Lowry has a knack for establishing position around the rim, leading the NBA in charges taken last season. Lowry also draws many offensive fouls by being stuck to his opponent and inciting an illegal push off or screen.

The 14 year veteran made his 5th straight All Star team, commanding the point for the hungry Raptors team. Lowry averaged a career best 8.7 assists per game and drew 23 charges this season.

SG: Tim Hardaway JR

New York Knicks / Dallas Mavericks

Traded mid-season to Dallas with Kristaps Porzingis, Hardaway was shut down with a stress reaction in his leg on March 21st. Prior to his season ending injury, Hardaway had started to come around in his age 26 season, averaging a career high 18 points per game while taking a high volume of threes and converting 2.5 per game.

On the other end, Hardaway drew 18 charges, moves his feet well, and makes many timely rotations.

SF: PJ Tucker

Houston Rockets

Tucker is one of the most versatile defenders in the NBA, battling the beefiest and best centers, unguardable unicorns, and speedy guards. Tucker is built like a bowling ball and slides across the floor well, taking 24 charges overall.

Not only can PJ stay with most players and cut them off, he also holds his own position on the low block, often drawing fouls on over aggressive posts. Throw in his seemingly automatic corner 3 point jump shot, and Tucker is a valuable piece of the Rockets.

PF: Ersan Ilyasova

Milwaukee Bucks

For many years now, for many teams, Ilyasova has been the top charge taker in the NBA, leading the NBA yet again with 51 (!!!) charges drawn. A coach’s dream, its a shock that Ersan has bounced around despite being superior at drawing charges and draining 3 balls.

Currently with Milwaukee, Ilyasova figures to make an impact deep into the East Playoffs, ready to step in front of the offense and swing momentum.

C: Blake Griffin

Detroit Pistons

The savvy veteran, and occasional embellisher, Griffin has a knack for contact. One of the most physical players on both ends, Griffin makes up for a lack of shot blocking ability with the elite ability give up his body, accumulating 31 charge calls in 2018-19.

Griffin, the former #1 overall pick, has reshaped his game since his Lob City days – adding more CP3 than DeAndre. Between sharp passes, a newfound three point shot, and a fancy pivot series, Griffin is more than just a dunker.


Marc Gasol

The Spaniard Gasol was a perfect addition for the Raptors at the trade deadline, bringing an elite defensive pedigree North. Gasol, a defensive player of the year in Memphis, combines active hands and shot blocking instincts with a charge drawing acumen.

Gasol brings the full package, shrewdly sliding his feet over, dropping after a pass and crash, or flopping like his futbol counterparts. The Raptors have a fearsome one-two charge punch in Lowry and Gasol, not to mention defensive dynamo Kawhi Leonard.

Montrezl Harrell

The emergence of Montrezl Harrell this season has been enjoyable, featuring plenty of drawn charges. Coming off the Clipper bench, Harrell brings a nightly dose of energy, passion, physicality and skill. Harrell seeks contact offensively and defensively, which usually works in his favor with and 1’s and drawn charges.

The former second round pick has experienced a breakout season, and his emergence makes the Clippers yet another team with a fascinating off-season.

Kemba Walker

Walker goes to prove that any player, even the franchise all time scoring leader and multi time All Star, can give up his body. Walker has frequently been amongst the leaders in drawing charges, benefiting from his smaller stature to attract whistles.

Walker faces unrestricted free agency after yet another excellent season personally, although Charlotte’s inability to make the playoffs may weigh heavily on his decision.

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